Complete Internet Repair 5.1.0 Build 3950

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Complete Internet Repair software is error handling Internet connection easily and efficiently.Complete Internet Repair With, you can quickly diagnose and fix problems faster network connection and “killed” sudden.

The network connectivity issues always bring complex issues to find solutions, and there are many common causes of loss of network connectivity, which mostly originate from software causes or from the user settings.


Complete Internet Repair is a small tool with the option to quickly troubleshoot network connection problems on your computer is probably something you always want it to appear in the list of USB software is always in his rescue .

Complete Internet Repair offers an optional list of fixes for common network connection for users to select and manipulate. Depending on the problem that you have confirmed the cause of loss of connection that you will proceed to tick repair suggestions, then click Go to start tackling.

After each repair operation, you need to restart the computer for changes to take effect.

Overall, Complete Internet Repair can help you quite helpful in tracing the problem and fix the Internet connection error. Complete Internet Repair is truly close the user with a simple interface, easy to use and simple operation quickly.

Whats New:

  • Updated the ReBar Framework.
  • New Display ARP entries command.
  • New flush ARP Cache function.
  • Smaller total size (about 1MB smaller in total).
  • Minor bug fixes and cosmetic changes.

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